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iPhone SE 2 will have one massive change from its predecessor

08 Jan 18

iPhone SE 2 will have one massive change from its predecessor | Cult of Mac It’s like if the iPhone […]

Top tech trends of 2017

30 Dec 17

2017 was an exciting year for consumer technology. It brought us big advancements in areas like machine learning and biometric […]

Cult of Mac’s 2018 Apple wish list

26 Dec 17

With 2018 about to begin, why rehash everything that already happened, just to fill up some space while we take […]

10 things I hate about iPhone X

11 Dec 17

iPhone X is the best smartphone Apple ever made. It could be the best smartphone released in 2017. Like its […]

Phil Schiller says all of Face ID’s competitors ‘stink’

08 Dec 17

Apple marketing guru Phil Schiller has heard the haters saying the iPhone X wasn’t the first smartphone to get facial […]

Woz ‘bit the bullet’ and tried iPhone X. It’s not for him.

08 Dec 17

Tim Cook personally sent Steve Wozniak an iPhone X, Apple’s flagship handset which has been both a commercial and critical […]

Why Face ID may never support multiple users

01 Dec 17

Face ID is awesome, but only for one user. Photo: Ste Smith/Cult of Mac Face ID on iPhone X was […]

Face ID gets its close-up in new Apple videos

27 Nov 17

Apple’s latest series of videos are out to show fans why they should consider ditching Touch ID for Face ID. […]