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Apple App Store revenue almost double that of Google Play

16 Jul 18

In the battle of the mobile software stores, Apple has a huge lead. Consumers spending in the iOS App Store during […]

Samsung plans to copy 2018 iPhone lineup with three Galaxy S10 sizes

16 Jul 18

The 2018 iPhone lineup could be prettier than ever. Photo: Martin Hajek Samsung apparently plans to follow copy Apple’s 2018 […]

Today in Apple history: Apple pays $450 million to settle e-books suit

16 Jul 18

July 16, 2014: Apple agrees to pay $450 million to resolve the Department of Justice’s antitrust case against the company […]

2018 MacBook Pro performance shows dramatic improvement

15 Jul 18

2018 MacBook Pro performance offers the biggest year-over-year improvements since the release of the 2011 models. Photo: Apple The 15- […]

Teardown reveals MacBook Pro keyboard is redesigned to prevent keys sticking

15 Jul 18

Apple made potential buyers of the new MacBook Pro models very nervous when it said no effort had been made […]

Thousands of engineers put Apple self-driving car in high gear

15 Jul 18

Apple stays quiet about it, but the company is clearly developing a self-driving car. And this week the world was […]

Today in Apple history: Steve Jobs’ Apple turnaround continues

15 Jul 18

July 15, 1998: Apple reports its third profitable quarter after the return of Steve Jobs, continuing the company’s remarkable turnaround. […]

Today in Apple history: Revolutionary MP3 format gets its name

14 Jul 18

July 14, 1995: The MP3 file format receives its official name as the new .bit file extension gets changed to […]