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Windows 7 Enters Its Final Year of Support

14 Jan 19

One year from today, on January 14, 2020, Microsoft will officially stop supporting Windows 7, the most popular version of […]

Surface Book Prototype Provides a Glimpse of History

14 Jan 19

Developing new hardware requires a different mindset than software. With software, you can push out a new build with a […]

Thinking About the Next Pixelbook (Premium)

29 Jul 18

Google’s Pixelbook 2 will compete directly with Microsoft’s Surface Pro. But as a small detachable, it holds little interest for […]

Visual Search Comes to Microsoft Edge for iOS

28 Jul 18

This week, Microsoft updated its Edge mobile browser on iOS to support intelligent visual search, paste and go/search in the […]

Surface Pro (2017) Gets Massive Set of Firmware Updates Too

28 Jul 18

As we saw with Surface Laptop and Surface Pro 4, Microsoft’s newest Surface Pros have now received a mammoth collection […]

Tip: Enable the Material Design 2 Makeover in Chrome for iOS

28 Jul 18

With the release of Chrome 68 this week, Google is starting to stealth-deploy a coming user experience refresh that implements […]

Scheduled Custom Routines Come to Google Home

27 Jul 18

Google hasn’t officially announced this yet, but it has added the ability to schedule custom routines for its Google Home […]

First Ring Daily Live: Intel’s Chips, Microsoft’s Salsa

27 Jul 18

On today’s episode of First Ring Daily Live, Paul remains in Europe, Intel remains behind on its roadmap, and Microsoft […]