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Surface Book Prototype Provides a Glimpse of History

14 Jan 19

Developing new hardware requires a different mindset than software. With software, you can push out a new build with a […]

Thinking About the Surface Release Cadence (Premium)

24 Nov 17

Today, Microsoft is bringing dual-core weapons to a quad-core fight. It is artificially limiting its ability to compete. To access […]

Can We Trust Surface? (Premium)

22 Nov 17

I’m routinely asked whether we can trust Microsoft Surface. It’s a fair question. This is where I stand. To access […]

Surface Book 2’s First Firmware Update Brings Stability Improvements

21 Nov 17

Microsoft’s latest Surface, the Surface Book 2, started shipping last week. Like many other Microsoft products, the company released a firmware […]

Microsoft Updates Several Surface Devices

19 Oct 17

Microsoft has unleashed a tsunami of firmware and driver updates for Surface Laptop, Surface Pro (2017), Surface Book and Surface […]

Microsoft Issues Reliability Updates for Surface Book, Pro 4

13 Oct 17

Microsoft this week issued a set of firmware updates for Surface Book and Surface Pro 4, all aimed at improving […]

Microsoft memo confirms Consumer Reports was right about the Surface

14 Aug 17

A leaked Microsoft memo confirms that Consumer Reports was right to retract its recommendation rating from the Surface lineup due to […]

Microsoft Stops Offering 1TB Surface Book

01 Aug 17

If you are looking to purchase a 1TB Surface Book, be prepared to call around as Microsoft is no longer […]