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Microsoft Will Sell USB-C Dongles Too

Posted July 11, 2018 | Microsoft Surface | Surface Book 2 | Surface Go | Windows

I was rather surprised that Microsoft didn’t announce any USB-C dongles alongside Surface Go. Surprise: They’re coming.

Two Surface-branded USB-C dongles are currently available for pre-order at Best Buy, a U.S.-based electronics retailer. They are:

Microsoft Surface USB-C to Ethernet and USB Adapter. This $55 adapter is “compatible with all Surface models with built-in USB-C port” (e.g. Surface Book 2 and Surface Go) and provides both a full-sized USB-A port and a 1 Gbps Ethernet port.

Microsoft – Surface USB-C-to-USB Adapter. This $20 adapter is likewise “compatible with all Surface models with a built-in USB C port” and provides a single full-sized USB-A port.

Why these adapters weren’t mentioned in Microsoft’s Surface Go announcement this week is unclear. Likewise, they are not available for pre-order from Microsoft yet, which is doubly-curious.

Note, too, that any USB-C adapter or dongle will work just fine with Surface Go. You don’t need the Microsoft ones.


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