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“No Man’s Sky” Finally Comes to Xbox One

Posted July 26, 2018 | No Man's Sky | Windows | Xbox | Xbox One

Almost two years after its initial release on PlayStation 4, the game No Man’s Sky is now available on Xbox One. The good news? It’s been enhanced for with 4K and HDR graphic on Xbox One X and supports Mixer game streaming.

“We’re launching No Man’s Sky on Xbox One,” Hello Games’ Sean Murray writes in a post to the Xbox Wire blog. “We’re excited to see what people do with multiplayer, unlimited base building, and the ability to command freighters in this near-infinite universe.”

No Man’s Sky is an ambitious game that lets the gamer explore a procedurally-generated universe with 18 trillion planets. Unfortunately, the game was initially marred by a lack of content—each of those planets was boringly similar—forcing Hello Games to continually update it throughout the ensuing two years.

The Xbox One version of No Man’s Sky benefits from all those updates, of course, and it ships alongside the latest update, called Next. Among its many improvements, Next brings a multiplayer mode to the game in which players can team up in groups and explore the universe together.

No Man’s Sky is $50 at the Microsoft Store. Note that it is not an Xbox Play Anywhere title.


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