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Sonos Speakers Now Support AirPlay 2

Posted July 11, 2018 | AirPlay 2 | iOS | Music + Videos | sonos | Windows

Sonos is today rolling out a new update to its latest speakers that brings support for AirPlay 2. The company’s latest speakers, including the Sonos Beam, Sonos One, Playbase, and 2nd generation Play:5 speakers are getting updates today to include support for AirPlay 2.

With AirPlay 2, Apple has introduced support for multi-room audio. This feature is going to be very useful for those with multiple speakers, as you’ll be able to control which speaker to use for playback. AirPlay 2 also makes it possible to control your Sonos speakers with Siri, which means you can control playback with your voice from your iPhone or iPad. Combined with multi-room audio, the improved Siri integration is going to make controlling playback really seamless.

Of course, you will continue to be able to use Alexa on the Sonos speakers while using Siri via AirPlay 2. This means you can start playing with Siri on your iPhone, and then use Alexa to control things like the volume or skip tracks from your Sonos speakers.

The cool thing about AirPlay 2 integration is that if you have an older Sonos speaker that doesn’t support AirPlay 2, you can still use one of your newer speakers to control playback on the older speakers, as long as they are connected together.

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