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Happy Hour Podcast 129 | Clips meets Disney/Pixar, new Apple VPs, and the latest iPhone 8 rumors

22 Jul 17

This week Benjamin and Zac discuss changes in watchOS 4 beta 3, the first major update to Apple’s Clips app, […]

Writing assistants, unlimited phone plans, and more [Week’s best deals]

22 Jul 17

Here at the Cult of Mac Store, we delight in finding great new deals on tools and tech every week. […]

Microsoft, It’s Time to Open Up Windows 10 S to Insiders (Premium)

22 Jul 17

Microsoft is trying to transition the Windows user base to a safer, more reliable, and better-performing platform called Windows 10 […]

.Net Core 2.0 to extend coding optimizations to Linux

22 Jul 17

.Net Core 2.0 to extend coding optimizations to Linux | InfoWorld The next version of Microsoft’s open source, cross-platform runtime […]

Creating a bootable VMware ESXi USB drive in Windows

21 Jul 17

Virtualization is a big player in IT these days, regardless of the sector you’re in. Most businesses can benefit from […]

Can facial recognition replace Touch ID? [Friday Night Fights]

21 Jul 17

Recent iPhone 8 rumors have left the future of Touch ID unclear. Some indicate it will remain, but in a […]

Friday 5: Apple’s Clips update adds a much-needed infusion of new content and features [Video]

21 Jul 17

As we noted yesterday, a major update to Apple’s Clips app was released, and it brings several noteworthy features to […]

Apple onboard with India for high-speed trains

21 Jul 17

India’s government hopes Apple can help make the country’s trains run faster. Photo: Ankur Yadav/Flickr CC Apple is eager to […]

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