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Microsoft Now Sells Hardware from its Windows 10 Store

24 Mar 18

The Microsoft Store in Windows 10 was just updated with a new Devices tab by which you can buy Surface […]

Editorial: Bloomberg spins Apple's Event as a desperate, blind stab for cheap iPads in education

24 Mar 18

Bloomberg’s latest scoop uses Apple’s upcoming education event as an opportunity to advance the idea that Google’s Chromebooks (and Android […]

Twitter Brings its PWA to Windows 10 and the Microsoft Store

24 Mar 18

While Windows 10 version 1803 will bring many nice changes, support for PWAs—Progressive Web Apps—is one of the most eagerly-anticipated. […]

OnePlus Concludes Sales of the 5T to North America

24 Mar 18

OnePlus is a quirky company. And the way it sells its devices is one great example: It allots a certain […]

This week’s top stories: Apple’s March event, sleep tracking with Apple Watch, and more

24 Mar 18

In this week’s top stories: Sleep tracking with Apple Watch, expectations for Apple’s March event, WWDC wallpapers, the forgotten history of […]

Today in Apple history: Newton MessagePad reaches new heights

24 Mar 18

March 24, 1997: The Newton MessagePad 2000 brings major upgrades to Apple’s PDA line, including a far better display and […]

Tim Cook speaks out on Cambridge Analytica debacle, calls for stricter consumer privacy safeguards

24 Mar 18

  By Mike Wuerthele Saturday, March 24, 2018, 07:10 am PT (10:10 am ET) Speaking at the China Development Forum, […]

Cult of Mac Magazine: What to expect from Apple’s big ‘field trip’ event, and more!

24 Mar 18

In this week’s Cult of Mac Magazine: Apple will take a field trip out of Silicon Valley to host its […]

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