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New leases give Apple a large footprint in Los Angeles for content push

18 Jan 18

  By AppleInsider Staff Wednesday, January 17, 2018, 06:11 pm PT (09:11 pm ET) Apple has reportedly leased more than […]

Tim Cook says users will be able to turn off iPhone battery performance throttling in future iOS update

18 Jan 18

Apple had already said that a future iOS update will give users more insight into the state of their battery. […]

Tim Cook breaks ground on Apple’s new Reno data center

17 Jan 18

Apple helped turn Reno, Nevada, into a booming city. Photo: Lvtalon/Wikipedia CC One of Apple’s most important data centers is […]

Tip: Make Sure Your PC is Safe from Meltdown and Spectre

17 Jan 18

Security expert Steve Gibson has done it again. His latest utility, InSpectre, can check your PC to see whether it […]

Video: Apple gets ready to ship HomePod after month-long delay

17 Jan 18

The HomePod was previously scheduled to hit the market before the end of last year, but Apple issued a statement […]

Comment: BMW’s CarPlay subscription plan is like charging for seatbelts

17 Jan 18

BMW has been the shining example of an automaker embracing Apple CarPlay until now. The German car maker was the […]

9 ways to strengthen your Apple products

17 Jan 18

This post is brought to you by Think you’ll never fall victim to a cybercrime? Think again. Recent data […]

​Learn how to run Linux on Microsoft's Azure cloud

17 Jan 18

Video: Microsoft’s Azure boosts security with “confidential computing” service Everyone knows Linux is the operating system of choice on most […]

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