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Huawei MateBook X Pro First Impressions

21 May 18

Huawei’s stunning MateBook X Pro is now available for purchase in the United States. I’ve got one in for review, […]

PC Makers are Embracing Alexa

21 May 18

Acer announced this morning that it is the first to ship notebook PCs preinstalled with Amazon Alexa. It won’t be […]

Watch Out Alexa, Google is Coming Home

19 May 18

I’ve long said that I expect Google Assistant usage to surpass that of Amazon Alexa. This is how it happens. […]

Microsoft’s Building the Next-Gen HoloLens in Broad Daylight

19 May 18

One thing I was looking forward to at Build 2018 is that I had been hearing whispers that Microsoft may […]

Microsoft Unveils an Accessible Xbox Controller

17 May 18

Microsoft’s Xbox Adaptive Controller will cost $99 when it goes on sale later this year. It’s aimed at gamers with […]

Microsoft Unveils Gorgeous New Surface Hub 2

15 May 18

Microsoft is taking the wraps off the next-gen Surface Hub, the Surface Hub 2. The company today unveiled the new […]

Microsoft Isn’t Done With Kinect Yet

07 May 18

Kinect is back. Yes. After ending production of the original Kinect hardware for Xbox One last year and the Kinect […]

Lenovo Mirage Solo and Mirage Camera are Now Available

06 May 18

Announced at CES in January, the Lenovo Mirage Solo and Mirage Camera are now available for purchase. As a reminder, […]