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First Ring Daily Live: Intel’s Chips, Microsoft’s Salsa

27 Jul 18

On today’s episode of First Ring Daily Live, Paul remains in Europe, Intel remains behind on its roadmap, and Microsoft […]

The Sams Report: Scarlett (Continued), Windows Updates Fixed (Again)

27 Jul 18

On this edition of The Sams Report, Microsoft is making Windows updates better again, a few very small tidbits about […]

Apple Debuts 2018 Macbook Pro – What The Tech Ep. 408

22 Jul 18

Andrew and I discuss Apple’s new 2018 MacBook Pro lineup, fanless laptops, and why Samsung is going to sell a […]

First Ring Daily Live – Kapow and Pop

20 Jul 18

On today’s live edition of First Ring Daily, Microsoft blows the roof off, Paul exits the building, and Brad does […]

The Sams Report: Dangle the Carrot

20 Jul 18

On this week’s episode of The Sams Report, Microsoft has a solid quarter, Windows 10 is still short, and there […]

First Ring Daily 441: Amateur Travel Hacks

17 Jul 18

On today’s episode of First Ring Daily, we talk about cheaper ways to travel, Amazon’s big day, and Azure is […]

First Ring Daily 440: The Wires Broke

16 Jul 18

On today’s episode of First Ring Daily, Brad has a couple recommended posts to read, Paul is on a phone, […]

Check out these hidden tips and tricks for Apple’s Podcasts app

13 Jul 18

Apple’s Podcasts app is now the equal of any third-party podcast, or “podcatcher,” app for iOS. I recently switched to […]