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Thinking About Windows 10, Chromebook, and the Education Market (Premium)

08 Dec 17

A recent report from Futuresource does provide some good news for Microsoft. But it also hints at a Chromebook future […]

One Year Later, Microsoft Office on Chromebooks Can’t Compete (Premium)

26 Nov 17

A year ago, Microsoft revealed that it would deliver its flagship Office apps for Android on Chromebook. To access this […]

Embrace Change (Premium)

20 Nov 17

Premium Membership Includes: Full Access to content on Thurrott readers will have access to deeper, richer articles written by […]

Google Pixelbook: Day Two Awkwardness

11 Nov 17

In the harsh cold light of the morning, I’m turning back to Google’s Pixelbook and addressing some feedback and some […]

Google Pixelbook First Impressions

10 Nov 17

This morning, I made an espresso and sat down on the couch in the sun room to read the newspaper, […]

Android on Chromebook Edges From Fantasy Into Reality

24 Aug 17

Google’s plan to bring Android apps and the Google Play Store has remained largely unfulfilled to date. But this summer, […]

Google Brings Chromebook to the Enterprise

22 Aug 17

Today, Google announced Chrome Enterprise, a simple and inexpensive way to manage Chromebook and other Chrome OS devices in larger […]

Living with Chromebook: The Basics

19 Aug 17

In sharp contrast with my Windows 10 S experiences, Chromebook can be surprisingly usable. But there are many caveats: You […]