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Living with Windows 10 S: Thinking About the Alternatives

18 Aug 17

Once you realize that Windows 10 S is a complete non-starter here in 2017, one’s mind naturally turns to alternatives. […]

Google is Adding a Touch-First App Launcher to Chromebook

07 Jul 17

Google is experimenting with a touch-first full screen app launcher for Chromebook that it hopes will bridge the gap between […]

Microsoft Tackles Chromebook in New Ads

14 Jun 17

Microsoft this week published two ads in which it compares Windows 10 PCs to Chromebooks. The interesting bit? One targets […]

Google Has Allegedly Killed Its Andromeda Project

05 Jun 17

Credit: skeeze A long-rumored Google project that would combine Android and Chrome OS into a single platform has allegedly been […]

Google Explains Why Chrome OS is More Secure

31 May 17

Google today offered an interesting overview of how it secures Chrome OS. And while much of it will be very […]

This is What Google Said About Progressive Web Apps at I/O

21 May 17

Like Microsoft a week earlier at Build 2017, Google hosted several sessions at its own I/O conference about Progressive Web […]

Google Explains the Delays in Bringing Android to Chromebook

21 May 17

Google only made a single, brief mention of its efforts to add Android apps to Chromebooks during last week’s Google […]

Samsung Chromebook Pro Finally Limps into Pre-Order

15 May 17

Just days ahead of Google’s annual developer conference, the long-delayed and Android-compatible Samsung Chromebook Pro is finally available for preorder. This […]