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Instagram’s Finally Getting the Feature We’ve All Been Waiting For

Posted April 28, 2018 | Instagram | Mute | Social | Windows

Instagram will soon let you mute other users on the platform. The company is testing a new mute feature with a small group of users that lets you mute posts from users. Once you mute an account, their posts won’t show up on your Instagram feed unless you manually open their profile and view their posts. Muting someone won’t notify them — and that’s really the whole point.

Instagram is a good way of keeping track of your what your friends are up to, but some abuse the platform with lots of spam and the mute feature will come in really handy here. This way, you don’t have to see all their posts on your feed without needing to unfollow them. Muting someone will probably also hide their updates on Stories.

Along with Mute, Instagram is testing a bunch of other features: Direct is getting support for video calls, Stories are getting reactions, a calendar-view for Story archives, and a Slow-Mo feature for Stories.

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