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Microsoft’s AltspaceVR Gets New Lobby, Game Shows

Posted June 22, 2018 | AltspaceVR | Social | Windows | Windows Mixed Reality

Microsoft’s social VR platform AltspaceVR got a huge update yesterday. AltspaceVR is Microsoft’s social VR platform the company acquired last year and picked up a couple of major updates over the last several months. Yesterday, Microsoft’s Alex Kipman hosted AltspaceVR’s monthly Town Hall meetup where the company announced a couple of updates to the platform.

The new set of updates include a new lobby where users can hang out. The new lobby, called Origin, can be used by members to meet each other, attend events, making friends, etc. “Origin is a place with mysterious origins. Is it the origin of the universe? Or of AltspaceVR? Maybe it’s the vortex of all connections—come meet real people in virtual reality and have real conversations,” AltspaceVR noted in a blog post, announcing the new lobby.

AltspaceVR is also getting two new gaming shows that users can host in the network. The new games include Tongue-tied, where players will have to guess the name of certain items within six seconds. AltspaceVR is also getting Trivia, where users will basically be able to quiz each other.

And lastly, AltspaceVR is getting a new Community Leaders Program where members will easily be able to find nice, friendly community members/leaders and interact with them, ask questions, etc.

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