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Windows 10 Hits 600 Million Active Devices

Posted November 29, 2017 | Microsoft | Windows | Windows 10 | Windows 7

Back in May, more than 500 million active devices were being powered by Windows 10. Today at its annual shareholders meeting, Microsoft CEO announced a new milestone for the company’s operating system: it’s now powering 600 million active devices, reports GeekWire.

Windows 10 growth slowed down ever since the end of the free upgrade offer for Windows 7/8 users. Microsoft’s operating system continued to pick up market share, albeit at a much slower rate, as more and more businesses started moving away from Windows 7, but the majority of users are still running older versions of the OS to this day. Extended support for Windows 7 is set to end in 2020, and by that time Windows 10 should be well over the 1 billion target Microsoft set during the initial launch of the OS.

Going forward, it’s clear that Microsoft won’t have too much trouble getting users to upgrade to newer versions of Windows. The company’s Windows as a Service strategy has performed surprisingly well so far, with more than 20% of all Windows 10 users already using the latest feature update for the OS which only came out in October.

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