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YouTube VR Gets New Watch Together Feature, Comes to Gear VR

Posted July 25, 2018 | Gear VR | Google | Oculus Store | Samsung Gear VR | Social | Windows | YouTube | YouTube VR

YouTube is today expanding its VR platform today. YouTube VR is coming to Samsung’s Gear VR headsets, allowing Gear VR owners to watch all the VR videos from YouTube on their headset.

YouTube VR is available via the Oculus Store on Samsung’s Gear VR headsets. YouTube VR has already been available on Google’s Daydream View headset, as well as PlayStation VR and HTC Vive. With the addition of Gear VR headsets, YouTube VR is now available on more headsets than ever before. But the platform still lacks support for Microsoft’s Windows Mixed Reality headsets, and it’s also not available for Oculus’ new Go headset. Whether it will ever be available on these devices, especially Microsoft’s Windows Mixed Reality headsets, remains unknown for the time being.

YouTube is also introducing a new Watch Together feature for YouTube VR. The feature, as the name suggests, lets you watch VR videos together and you can even discuss the video over audio with each other. “We believe that one of the best ways to experience VR is with other people. So today we’re introducing a new feature in the YouTube VR app that lets you watch and discuss videos with others in a communal, virtual space,” said the company.

YouTube VR will be available for Gear VR headsets starting this week from the Oculus Store, and the new Watch Together feature is available today.

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