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Dropbox Launches New Gmail Add-On to Make Sharing Easier

25 Jul 18

As part of its cloud partnership with Google, Dropbox is launching a new add-on for Google’s Gmail today. The new […]

Force Dropbox to download your shared links directly

28 Nov 17

If you send somebody a Dropbox link, then they don’t just get the file you meant to send them. They […]

How to add any audio file to iPhone’s Music app

20 Oct 17

It’s 2017, and yet you still can’t add music to the Music app on your iPhone. If you have an […]

How to change the default location of saved files on iOS 11

06 Oct 17

You probably know by now that iOS 11’s Files app can integrate services like Dropbox, and Google Drive, so that […]

Check out this amazing use of drag-and-drop in iOS 11

18 Sep 17

With the iOS 11 launch imminent, developers are releasing updates that take advantage of all its new features. Some, like […]

Replace Photobucket sharing with this automatic Dropbox action

10 Jul 17

Imagine if an almost 15-year-old image hosting company suddenly decided to deactivate all the links to the photos you had […]