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2018 iPad Pro might make a change you’ll hate

28 Jul 18

The next-generation iPad Pro is going to have some nice improvements, like smaller screen bezels resulting in an edge-to-edge look. […]

Cult of Mac Magazine: MacBook Pro’s thermal throttling is fixed, and more!

28 Jul 18

In this week’s Cult of Mac Magazine: Apple issues a software update (and an apology), and YouTuber confirm that the […]

Philips Adore mirror brings HomeKit automation into the bathroom

28 Jul 18

The Philips Adore bathroom mirror can be controlled through Apple’s HomeKit home automation. Photo: Philips Think about how nice it […]

Apple Opens App Store Search Ads for France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Japan, and South Korea

28 Jul 18

Apple announced a significant expansion for developers to advertise their apps. In a blog post, Apple said developers now have […]

Apple wants to turn all its devices into wireless chargers

27 Jul 18

What if your every Apple device could wirelessly charge almost every other one? Engineers came up with plans to put […]

Apple looks to turn Time Bandits into TV show

27 Jul 18

The time-traveling dwarves of Time Bandits. Photo: Handmade Films Terry Gilliam’s fantasy film Time Bandits is set to be turned […]

Apple Offers Free Product Repairs for Devices Damaged in Japan Floods

27 Jul 18

Apple announced free product repairs for Japan residents who had devices damaged by the recent flooding. If the device is […]

Stalk Your Ex Using Tracer from DataBytes

27 Jul 18

I get a lot of emails from PR companies about new products and technology. I ignore most of them since […]