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Check out these amazing, creative iPhone home screens

Posted March 2, 2018 | Gallery | home screen | iPhone | Mac | News | Top stories

It’s not like you can ever find the app you’re looking for on your various home screens anyway, so why not do something fancy with those icons instead? Like, making your home screen an expression of your inner chakra, man. Or getting in tune with the color harmonies of the universe or whatever.

Whatever hippy crap you’re using to justify it, the results can be amazing. And who knows — if you arrange your home screens by collar, then maybe you’ll actually end up finding things faster.

Creative iPhone home screen gallery

This fantastic gallery of creative iPhone home screens comes via Twitter and designer/engineer/Slacker Michael Lopp, writing on his Rands in Repose blog. The designs vary from colorful, to minimal (one icon!).

Some of the designs are even confusing. Did you know, for instance, that it’s possible to insert a blank icon, or row of icons, in amongst the other app icons, in order to make a visual separation? Just do it by adding a bookmark from this webpage, from developer Underscore David Smith, to your home screen.

So, let’s take a look at some of the best and most creative home screens from Lopp’s Twitter thread.

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